The Age of Privacy requires a New Standard of Transparency.

We renew your customers' trust.

DataGrail performs GDPR Data Subject Access (Article 15) and Deletion (Article 17) requests, and rights tracking — across all business systems

Request Manager

Manage internal and external workflow for GDPR requests

Privacy Portal

Automate the export and deletion of personal data from all business systems

Preference Card

Give users control of their communication preferences across your customer-facing systems

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The core benefits of using DataGrail®

Provide transparency to customers and comply with privacy regulations (GDPR).
Securely integrate your sales, marketing, and support systems in just a few simple clicks

  • Visibility into data access requests ensures timely and complete responses
  • Eliminate human error and manual processing of data export and deletion requests
  • Provide a better customer experience with unified communication preferences
  • Maintain required technical measures to demonstrate compliance

Don’t take our word for it...

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Our Enterprise plan provides seamless integration with your favorite third-party systems, and offers complete control over your communication preferences.