The Age of Privacy requires a New Standard of Transparency.

DataGrail's technology operationalizes privacy regulations.

DataGrail helps companies efficiently and securely manage European (GDPR), Californian (CCPA), and similar privacy requirements.

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Process Requests in Minutes

Operationalize and automate data subject access and deletion requests.

Integrate Immediately

Absolutely no data mapping required. 100+ available integrations including Salesforce, Marketo, Drift, and more.

Completely Secure

We are SOC2 compliant, Privacy Shield certified, an IAPP Silver Member, and we store all data in your environment.

The core benefits of using DataGrail®

Provide transparency to customers and comply with privacy regulations.
Securely integrate your sales, marketing, and support systems in just a few simple clicks.

  • Visibility into data access requests ensures timely and complete responses
  • Eliminate human error and manual processing of data export and deletion requests
  • Provide a better customer experience with unified communication preferences
  • Maintain required technical measures to demonstrate compliance

Simplify GDPR and CCPA compliance for your business.