Do your customers trust you with their data?

DataGrail provides businesses and consumers with transparency.
Perform data subject requests and unify email preferences across third-party systems.

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Meet GDPR requirements for personal data management across leading third-party systems

Request Manager

Manage internal and external workflow for GDPR requests

Privacy Portal

Automate the export and deletion of personal data from third-party systems

Preference Card

Give users control of their communication preferences across your customer-facing apps

The core benefits of using DataGrail®

Provide transparency to customers and comply with privacy regulations, including GDPR.
Securely integrate your sales, marketing, and support systems with no development required.

  • Visibility into data access requests ensures timely and complete responses
  • Eliminate human error and manual processing of data export and deletion requests
  • Provide a better customer experience with unified communication preferences
  • Maintain required technical measures to demonstrate compliance

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Our Enterprise plan provides seamless integration with your favorite third-party systems, and offers complete control over your communication preferences.