Kyle Schryver

Growth and Content Marketing Intern

Bio: Kyle runs content marketing at DataGrail, a San Francisco based company that provides integrated solutions for data privacy regulation. Kyle leads creation of blog posts, newsletters, and social posts, and assists with webinars, events, and digital marketing. In his research and writing, Kyle has focused on modern business topics including privacy regulation, best privacy practices, and growth in new regulatory environments. Kyle attends Santa Clara University and is pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems, inspired by his interest for technology in business. When he's not working or learning, Kyle enjoys playing volleyball, performing on the French horn, and traveling.

Employee Spotlight: Mikhail Nikitin, VP of Sales

This week’s spotlight features Mikhail (Misha) Nikitin, VP of Sales. Misha previously led international sales at TrustArc and is a Certified Information Privacy Manager of the IAPP. He comes from a background in sales and operations and has been helping privacy, tech, and financial companies scale their businesses.

Employee Spotlight: Sean Heisler, Head of Operations

This week’s spotlight features Sean Heisler, Head of Operations. Sean previously led Revenue Operations at Domino Data Lab and operations at He comes from a background in Project Management and Engineering and has been helping tech companies scale their operations.

Employee Spotlight: Tamila Bubuteishvili, Senior QA Engineer

This week’s spotlight features Tamila Bubuteishvili, Senior QA Engineer. Tamila previously led Quality Assurance at Smule Inc., has experience in building QA processes and teams from scratch, and has successfully delivered numerous web and mobile projects throughout 10+ years of QA Engineering.

Interview Series: Susan Lyon-Hintze, Founder, Managing Partner at Hintze Law PLLC

DataGrail recently interviewed Susan Lyon-Hintze, Founder and Managing Partner at Hintze Law PLLC , to bring you insights from a leading legal professional in the field of data privacy.

Data Privacy Changes Coming to California in 2020

On March 22, The Berkeley Center for Law and Technology hosted a forum to discuss data privacy laws around the world and the upcoming CCPA regulations in California.

Need to Know Series: Washington Next in Line for Privacy Regulation

On March 6th, 2019, the Washington Senate passed a bill concerning consumer data privacy and protection with an overwhelming 46-1 vote. Read on to learn how it will affect consumers and businesses, and what the next steps are for the bill to become a law.

Prioritizing Data, Security, & Privacy

In this article we recap the ways in which their teams together drive business continuity and lay the foundations for a secure and privacy focused operation.

Employee Spotlight: Howon Lee, Software Engineer

This week’s spotlight features Howon Lee, our newest Software Engineer. Howon previously worked at STRIVR Inc., also as a software engineer, and at various startups previously, also as a software engineer.

SaaStr Annual 19 Recap

Read on to find out what the DataGrail Challenge was, how 60+ companies did on the challenge, and what else went on at SaaStr Annual 2019.

Employee Spotlight: Brad Cogswell, Account Executive

This week’s spotlight features Brad Cogswell, our newest Account Executive. Brad previously worked in Sales and Account Relationship roles at ToutApp. Brad also has professional experience in real estate investments and equity.

Privacy as Culture

Find out how privacy executives from LinkedIn, Verizon, Visa, Microsoft, & more help shape their companies business operations and culture to promote consumer transparency and data control.

Employee Spotlight: Carol Tang, Head of Marketing

This week’s spotlight features Carol Tang, DataGrail’s Head of Marketing. Carol has 8 years of both b2b and b2c marketing experience in the Bay Area and was an engineer in a prior life.

Interview Series: Jennee DeVore, Corporate Counsel

DataGrail recently interviewed Jennee DeVore, Corporate Counsel at Penumbra, to bring you insights from a leading legal professional in the field of data privacy. Read on for insights from a leading legal professional on the topic of data privacy.

Employee Spotlight: Ignacio Zendejas, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

This week’s spotlight features Ignacio (Iz) Zendejas, our Co-founder and CTO. Ignacio has a decade of experience in software development including working on large-scale machine learning

Need to Know Series: How Preference Management Can Drive User Satisfaction

Discover what preference management is, why it improves communication with users, and how your business could benefit by implementing it.

Employee Spotlight: Valerie Sui, Software Engineer

This spotlight features Valerie Sui, a software engineer and App Academy graduate who has experience in data analytics.

Interview Series: Melanie Kennedy, Vice President and General Counsel

DataGrail recently interviewed Melanie Kennedy , Vice President and General Counsel at MarketStar , to bring you insights from a leading legal professional in the field of data privacy. Here’s what we learned.

IAPP Privacy, Security, and Risk (P.S.R.) 2018

Workshops and General Session Recap, October 18-19 Austin, TX

Employee Spotlight: TingTing Jiang, Software Engineer

This spotlight features TingTing, a software engineer and App Academy graduate, who has experience in tax services. TingTing is inspired by challenges that software engineers face every day and thrives thrives in collaborative teams.

Employee Spotlight: Josh Kuiros, Senior Software Engineer

This week’s spotlight features Josh, a software engineer from Pittsburgh, PA. Josh has 5 years of experience in full stack web development ranging from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Employee Spotlight: Liz Nguyen, Operations Manager

DataGrail’s Employee Spotlight series highlights the person behind the professional, digging deep and discovering what drives our team members. This week’s spotlight features Liz Nguyen, our operations manager. Liz is a Silicon Valley native and has thrived in multiple administrative roles at early and mid-stage startups.

Salesforce & GDPR: What It Means for Your Company

To better prepare your organization for improved data privacy and transparency, we’re providing tactical tips to help you work with the many different systems used to manage data.

Employee Spotlight: Mallory Surpless, Director of Customer Success

This week, we sat down with Mallory Surpless — our new Director of Customer Success. Mallory has 6 years of experience in customer-facing services in multiple industries and brings with her a positive and curious mindset.

Employee Spotlight: Charlie Thomas, Software Engineer

This week's employee spotlight is focused on our newest team member, Charlie Thomas! Charlie hails from New York City and brings along his extensive background in Financial Regulatory Compliance — coupled with knowledge and skills in software development that he learned from App Academy’s rigorous curriculum.

Employee Spotlight: Earl Hathaway, Co-founder and CPO

DataGrail’s Employee Spotlight series highlights the person behind the professional, digging deep and discovering what drives our team members. This week, we sat down with Earl — our Chief Product Officer and founder — who shares a slice of his background and how he started DataGrail.

Sweet Sixteen Privacy Policies — Part 2

Ever wonder where, how, and why your personal data is processed? Post-GDPR, you might be able to find the answers by looking at privacy policies. In part 2 of our Sweet Sixteen series, we’re bringing you the highlights from 8 more privacy policies.

Sweet Sixteen Privacy Policies — Part 1

Inbox flooded in May? Tired of the words Privacy Policy? What’s Changed? After the EU instated the GDPR, companies were forced to update privacy policies, and we’ve looked into a few of them to break down the most important parts!

Snapchat Begins Transparency Trend with Personal Data Access for Users

Ever wonder where your personal information is being collected? Thanks to the the GDPR, you may be able to find out. In the GDPR’s wake, Snapchat has released a new path for users to access their data.

Modern Business & the Role of the Data Protection Officer

With recent data breaches, scandals, and trends in big data, Data Protection Officers are proving essential for companies who process or control user data.

Need to Know Series: California Bill Protects Resident’s Personal Data

The state of California has passed sweeping legislation to regulate businesses and protect personal data of its residents. Read on to find out the important details about how businesses and consumers will be affected.

Interview Series: Richard Merrygold, Director of Group Data Protection

Richard Merrygold shares his expertise on data privacy and his role as a Data Protection Officer at Homeserve.

Why You Should Intern at a Startup | My Experience @ DataGrail

Kyle Schryver shares his experience interning at DataGrail. Find out why working at a startup is a terrific way to start your career with insights into what makes Kyle's work so unique and rewarding.

Gunderson Industry Insights | DataGrail

GDPR has arrived and companies are affected worldwide. Find out how to comply and align with new data regulation with the help of DataGrail.