SaaStr Annual 19 Recap

Read on to find out what the DataGrail Challenge was, how 60+ companies did on the challenge, and what else went on at SaaStr Annual 2019.

Kyle Schryver | February 14, 2019

Did you take the #DataGrailChallenge at SaaStr Annual 2019?

Read on to find out what the DataGrail Challenge was, how 60+ companies did on the challenge, and what else went on at SaaStr Annual 2019.

Over 12,500 SaaS executives, founders, and VCs gathered together from February 5th-7th for the SaaS industry’s biggest conference of the year.  Held at the San Jose Convention Center, SaaStr featured over 300 speakers, 250 VC’s, and provided insights to many businesses on how they can grow and scale to the next level. DataGrail was one of the proud participants -- featured as the only data privacy SaaS company -- and hosted a fun, interactive activity called the #DataGrailChallenge.

The DataGrail Challenge featured at our booth!

The activity was inspired by the recent popular BirdBox challenge, and participants competed by drawing their company logo on a whiteboard while blindfolded with a DataGrail sleep mask (it’s satin too!).


Take a look at some of the competitors in action!


Competitors shared their efforts at the DataGrail Challenge on Twitter and LinkedIn for a chance to win a helicopter ride for 2 and dinner for 2 with the most retweets / likes.  See all of the entries by checking out #DataGrailChallenge on both LinkedIn and Twitter.

Ultimately, we are excited to announce that Klara Sarkanyova, drawing the Sli.do app logo, won the challenge with 72 likes and is set to take a helicopter ride in New York. Congratulations!!


Klara of Slido wins the DataGrail Challenge

Max Hooker of Vettery came in second with 67 likes, winning a dinner for two.  


The race for 2nd place was close up until the end, so we’ve decided to also extend a DataGrail Patagonia jacket as a gift to Nick Abouzeid at Emergence Capital for drawing this gem below.  Congratulations to all of the winners and we hope everyone had a great time!


DataGrail had a unique position at SaaStr in being the only data privacy company in attendance and having the privilege to share why data privacy is important, particularly at this time. Compliance with regulation like the GDPR, CCPA, and upcoming privacy laws not only helps businesses avoid hefty fines, but accelerates business growth as well.  According to a recent benchmarking study by Cisco, 87% of companies have sales delays due to customer privacy concerns.  Conversely, GDPR compliant companies have greatly reduced sales cycles and greater customer trust.

Find out more about how DataGrail can benefit your business today by visiting our product page.

About the Author: Kyle runs content marketing by leading the creation of blog posts, newsletters, and social posts, and assists with webinars, events, and digital marketing. Kyle attends Santa Clara University and is pursuing a degree in Management Information Systems, inspired by his interest for technology in business.

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