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M&A and Privacy: When Privacy invites itself to the negotiation table

DataGrail was at P.S.R. in Las Vegas hosted by IAPP. Justine Vilain, our Senior Customer Success and Implementation Manager had the opportunity to attend the session “Closing the Deal: Privacy Risks in M&A Transactions” led by Sheila Jambekar, Kalinda Raina and Mark Webber. She shares her top takeaways and observations.

Ready, Set, Sustain: Six Steps Toward CCPA Compliance

With three months until the California Consumer Privacy Act comes into effect, the time to prepare is now. Learn where to start here.

GDPR Chapter 3: Where Are We Now & How Can We Use It to Prepare for The CCPA

The importance of ensuring that the mechanisms are in place gives businesses the capability of promptly and fully responding to data subject’s requests to exercise their rights regarding their personal data.

The Future of Data Privacy in the United States

Analyzing the state of privacy regulation, including the CCPA, Nevada’s privacy law, and bills introduced in New York and Washington State

Data Privacy Enforcement Trends: Analyzing Companies' Biggest Failures

What aspects of the regulations were most frequently violated, where are the biggest pain points for organizations, and what can we learn from GDPR challenges as CCPA’s implementation looms closer.

Nevada’s New Privacy Law: How It Matches up against the CCPA

Add Nevada to the growing list of states implementing new data privacy laws. Sue Poremba breaks down what is coming with Nevada's law in October, and how it compares to the CCPA.

Benchmarking the Cost of Compliance

Ready or not, the Age of Privacy is here. And as the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) approaches, we’re sharing the lessons learned from organizations who spent 2017 and 2018 working toward GDPR compliance.

Data Mapping: The Starting Point for Data Privacy Compliance

Data mapping is discovering what data you collect, where it’s stored, with whom it’s shared, how long it’s retained, and for what purposes it’s used.

Data Privacy Changes Coming to California in 2020

On March 22, The Berkeley Center for Law and Technology hosted a forum to discuss data privacy laws around the world and the upcoming CCPA regulations in California.

Need to Know Series: Washington Next in Line for Privacy Regulation

On March 6th, 2019, the Washington Senate passed a bill concerning consumer data privacy and protection with an overwhelming 46-1 vote. Read on to learn how it will affect consumers and businesses, and what the next steps are for the bill to become a law.

Prioritizing Data, Security, & Privacy

In this article we recap the ways in which their teams together drive business continuity and lay the foundations for a secure and privacy focused operation.

Tim Cook and Apple Embrace Role as Data Privacy and Protection Leader

While some tech companies have given lip service to wanting to be leaders in privacy, others have taken action and tightened privacy practices. Many have called for federal privacy laws, including Apple. Tim Cook has been outspoken in his support for better data privacy efforts at every level.

Privacy as Culture

Find out how privacy executives from LinkedIn, Verizon, Visa, Microsoft, & more help shape their companies business operations and culture to promote consumer transparency and data control.

Evolving Privacy Laws Empower Consumers

The GDPR arrived in May, California passed and amended it’s consumer privacy regulation, and Colorado put their privacy law online back in September. Yet, consumers and businesses alike want their governments to pass even more data privacy legislation.

CCPA Public Forum (San Francisco): 10 Topics & Comments

On January 8th, the California Department of Justice held its first of six public forums on the CCPA , a privacy law set to be effective January 1st, 2020. See what concerns and comments were stated by the public.

Interview Series: Jennee DeVore, Corporate Counsel

DataGrail recently interviewed Jennee DeVore, Corporate Counsel at Penumbra, to bring you insights from a leading legal professional in the field of data privacy. Read on for insights from a leading legal professional on the topic of data privacy.

Data Privacy Will Become Consumers Top Issue in 2019

With almost every website asking for permissions on data collection, consumers are now more aware than ever of their data privacy rights.

Need to Know Series: How Preference Management Can Drive User Satisfaction

Discover what preference management is, why it improves communication with users, and how your business could benefit by implementing it.

You Probably Have More Personal Data, in More Systems, Than You Think

There’s lots of guides on the internet to consent and so-forth, but relatively few that dive into hands-on implementation details. DataGrail is happy to describe two less-discussed aspects of a compliant GDPR programme: Data inventory and mapping and operationalizing GDPR requests.

Interview Series: Melanie Kennedy, Vice President and General Counsel

DataGrail recently interviewed Melanie Kennedy , Vice President and General Counsel at MarketStar , to bring you insights from a leading legal professional in the field of data privacy. Here’s what we learned.

IAPP Privacy, Security, and Risk (P.S.R.) 2018

Workshops and General Session Recap, October 18-19 Austin, TX

Why Tech Companies Want a National Privacy Law

Americans want data privacy laws. Well, at least that’s the case since GDPR went into effect in May 2018 and U.S.-based consumers learned about the protections their EU counterparts were now receiving. States paid attention, and across the country there are scattershot bills introduced and laws passed.

Need to Know Series: The Indian Personal Data Protection Bill

In late July, India released the Personal Data Protection Bill 2018. The privacy legislation was jump-started by an Indian Supreme Court decision that claimed privacy is a fundamental right and challenged government to come up with a “a regime for data protection.

Salesforce & GDPR: What It Means for Your Company

To better prepare your organization for improved data privacy and transparency, we’re providing tactical tips to help you work with the many different systems used to manage data.

Is it Time for an American GDPR?

GDPR is now in effect, American companies are paying attention, and California quickly passed its Consumer Privacy Act, which is scheduled to go into effect in 2020. Yet, Americans don’t have the same data privacy protections as EU residents.

Sweet Sixteen Privacy Policies — Part 2

Ever wonder where, how, and why your personal data is processed? Post-GDPR, you might be able to find the answers by looking at privacy policies. In part 2 of our Sweet Sixteen series, we’re bringing you the highlights from 8 more privacy policies.

Sweet Sixteen Privacy Policies — Part 1

Inbox flooded in May? Tired of the words Privacy Policy? What’s Changed? After the EU instated the GDPR, companies were forced to update privacy policies, and we’ve looked into a few of them to break down the most important parts!

Snapchat Begins Transparency Trend with Personal Data Access for Users

Ever wonder where your personal information is being collected? Thanks to the the GDPR, you may be able to find out. In the GDPR’s wake, Snapchat has released a new path for users to access their data.

Modern Business & the Role of the Data Protection Officer

With recent data breaches, scandals, and trends in big data, Data Protection Officers are proving essential for companies who process or control user data.

Need to Know Series: California Bill Protects Resident’s Personal Data

The state of California has passed sweeping legislation to regulate businesses and protect personal data of its residents. Read on to find out the important details about how businesses and consumers will be affected.

Interview Series: Richard Merrygold, Director of Group Data Protection

Richard Merrygold shares his expertise on data privacy and his role as a Data Protection Officer at Homeserve.

Gunderson Industry Insights | DataGrail

GDPR has arrived and companies are affected worldwide. Find out how to comply and align with new data regulation with the help of DataGrail.