Data Privacy

CCPA is Here: Understanding and Managing Right to Know and Say No Requests

Learn how to handle Right to Know and Right to Say No Requests, from how they’re submitted to the types of submissions and time, portability, and verification requirements

The CCPA Sees New Changes and Regulations by Attorney General

Two months from implementation, California’s Attorney General finally released the long-anticipated draft regulations for the CCPA.

American Express Ventures Invests in DataGrail

American Express Ventures, the strategic investment group of American Express, is officially an investor in DataGrail.

A 360-Degree Approach to Privacy: Celebrating Our Partnership with Okta

Our partnership with Okta strengthens our ability to help our mutual customers with CCPA, GDPR and future privacy regulations, allowing them to think proactively about the connection between secure identity and data privacy.

Preparing for CCPA’s Section 2 - Consumer Rights

CCPA is fast approaching. As of this writing, organizations have less than three months to prepare for the new data privacy law, and we're going to cover section 2 - consumer rights.

M&A and Privacy: When Privacy invites itself to the negotiation table

DataGrail was at P.S.R. in Las Vegas hosted by IAPP. Justine Vilain, our Senior Customer Success and Implementation Manager had the opportunity to attend the session “Closing the Deal: Privacy Risks in M&A Transactions” led by Sheila Jambekar, Kalinda Raina and Mark Webber. She shares her top takeaways and observations.

Ready, Set, Sustain: Six Steps Toward CCPA Compliance

With three months until the California Consumer Privacy Act comes into effect, the time to prepare is now. Learn where to start here.

GDPR Chapter 3: Where Are We Now & How Can We Use It to Prepare for The CCPA

The importance of ensuring that the mechanisms are in place gives businesses the capability of promptly and fully responding to data subject’s requests to exercise their rights regarding their personal data.

The Future of Data Privacy in the United States

Analyzing the state of privacy regulation, including the CCPA, Nevada’s privacy law, and bills introduced in New York and Washington State