I Know Nothing

Next month, I will have officially completed my first year of being a software engineer. Like most engineers who are starting off their careers, I continually battle feelings of imposter syndrome - specifically those feelings of inferiority and inadequacy when surrounded by many talented and experienced engineers. These feelings often ...

Query to Dashboard: How to use Amazon Quicksight

Amazon Quicksight is a quick and easy-to-use analytics tool for building visualizations of data, perform various analyses, and provide insights from data. It works directly with Amazon Web Services (AWS) data sources, allowing for a speedy setup and low up-front effort to start creating analyses and visualizations.

Doing Property-Based Testing on CRUD, the Thoughtless Way

Property-based testing doesn't need to be for people who want to think a lot about their tests. You can also learn a few patterns and then start applying them without too much thinking.

API Design Series - Part 1

At DataGrail, we build a lot of integrations with 3rd party web APIs. Some APIs are a joy to work with, while some are a nightmare. In this blog series, we will look at design and feature choices that can make or break an application programming interface.

Employee-Driven Learning

Most training programs miss the mark. At a startup, traditional top-down training models do not get the job done. We are trying something different: Employee-Driven Learning.

The DataGrail Engineering Way

Hello, World! This is yet another engineering blog ( YAEB ). To kick things off and before we geek out about what we're building, we'd like to share our engineering culture. It'll help you understand the how and the why.

Prioritizing Data, Security, & Privacy

In this article we recap the ways in which their teams together drive business continuity and lay the foundations for a secure and privacy focused operation.