The DataGrail Engineering Way

Ks55kvnrtveqceohplor Ignacio Zendejas March 13, 2019
Engineering Startups

Hello, World!

This is yet another engineering blog (YAEB).

To kick things off and before we geek out about what we're building, we'd like to share our engineering culture. It'll help you understand the how and the why.

Our culture is shaped by our collective experiences. It's a recognition that we'll make many mistakes. We're just doing our best to ensure those mistakes will lead to our collective success. It's not founded on fear of failure, but in a latent fear of failing badly--with no human touch and no purpose--if we do fail at all. It's ultimately motivated by our desire to build something truly great. And we want to do it all while having fun.

We expect it'll evolve.

If you're excited about what we're working on and our culture, join us.

Photo: "Northern Lights (Iceland)" by David Phan is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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