Privacy Policies

CCPA Public Forum (San Francisco): 10 Topics & Comments

On January 8th, the California Department of Justice held its first of six public forums on the CCPA , a privacy law set to be effective January 1st, 2020. See what concerns and comments were stated by the public.

Sweet Sixteen Privacy Policies — Part 2

Ever wonder where, how, and why your personal data is processed? Post-GDPR, you might be able to find the answers by looking at privacy policies. In part 2 of our Sweet Sixteen series, we’re bringing you the highlights from 8 more privacy policies.

Sweet Sixteen Privacy Policies — Part 1

Inbox flooded in May? Tired of the words Privacy Policy? What’s Changed? After the EU instated the GDPR, companies were forced to update privacy policies, and we’ve looked into a few of them to break down the most important parts!