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The Weekly Grail

Monday July 09 2018

By air mail

Mallory Locklear on Engadget explains the introduction of California legislation that would grant residents far more control over their personal data, in California bill could be a major boost to personal data privacy

Daniel R. Stoller on Bloomberg Law details how U.S. companies may be regulated by the FTC after promising to comply with GDPR in FTC Could Police U.S. Companies’ Promises on EU Data Privacy Law

Steve Neil on UC Today gives a brief on how to succeed in the age of data privacy — with key insights into winning over customers — in GDPR - One Month On - the Opportunity to Win Real Customers and Keep Them

Richard Henderson of Forbes Tech explores what GDPR means to companies, providing an action plan for compliance in GDPR Compliance in The New Age of Data Consciousness

From our Blog

Kyle Schryver summarizes our video with Gunderson Law, breaking down how GDPR impacts businesses and the differences between controllers and processors in “Gunderson Industry Insights”

Richard Merrygold, shares his expertise on the GDPR, Subject Access Requests, and his role in data privacy in our interview series: "Richard Merrygold, Director of Group Data Protection"