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The Weekly Grail

Sunday July 15 2018

By air mail

Senators John Thune, Roger F. Wicker, and Jerry Moran investigate Gmail's practices and its third-party access to personal data in A Letter From the Senate to Alphabet

Sheila A. Millar on the National Law Review summarizes the first issued ruling of GDPR — limiting personal data transfer across borders for domain registrar database WHOIS— in German Court Issues First GDPR Ruling

Jeremy Kahn on Bloomberg shares how artificial intelligence software has been developed to analyze tech company policies as they relate to GDPR in relation to GDPR in AI Tips Off Regulators to Possible EU Data Privacy Faults

Ellen Huet on Bloomberg explains how the backer of the California Privacy Law will face large tech corporations seeking to reduce the law's effectiveness in Bankroller of California Privacy Law Warns Industry Might Gut It

From our Blog

Kyle Schryver explores how recent trends in data privacy and transparency for enterprises has lead to increased demand for Data Protection Officers in Modern Business and the Role of Data Protection Officers

Kyle Schryver summarizes the new protections for California residents as stated in the California Consumer Privacy Act in our Need to Know Series: California Bill Protects Resident's Personal Data