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The Weekly Grail

Sunday July 22 2018

By air mail

Stephen Edelstein of The Drive highlights Uber getting serious about data privacy, electing to hire industry leader, Simon Hania as Chief Data Protection Officer in Uber Hires Chief Privacy Officer, Data Protection Officer

Raissa Kasolowsky of Reuters reports on the EU and Japan concluding several years of data talks to shape global standards for data protection in EU Agree on Data Deal with Japan

Jessica Davies of Digiday dives into Facebook's fine from the ICO and what this signals for the future of GDPR enforcement in It's a warning shot: Experts say ICO's fine to Facebook signals seriousness of its GDPR enforcement

Natasha Lomas on Techcrunch reports on how British Airways has failed to comply with the GDPR and how thousands of customers were impacted in British Airways shows everyone how not to GDPR

From our Blog

Daniel Barber, CEO and Co-founder shares insight into the GDPR and privacy trends with Kiwi Landing Pad in this webinar: Privacy and the GDPR

Kyle Schryver provides steps for you to access your personal data on Snapchat and why this is just the beginning for transparency in Snapchat begins Transparency Trend with Personal Data Access for Users