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The Weekly Grail

Sunday August 12 2018

By air mail

Drew Harwell of the Washington Post reports how Facebook and other tech companies are asking banks for user’s financial data in order to integrate it with their apps in Your banking data was once off-limits to tech companies. Now they’re racing to get it.

Sean Keane of CNET shares that hundreds of the most popular US news sites remain unavailable in the EU due to lacking GDPR compliance in Hundreds of US news sites unavailable in Europe two months after GDPR

Kate O’Flaherty of Forbes interviews the Head of Marketing at Panasonic to bring you how they are dealing with GDPR and personal data privacy in GDPR Compliance Stories: How Panasonic Unravelled Its “Russian Doll” of Customer Data

Warwick Ashford of Computer Weekly reports that more than half of UK consumers plan to exercise GDPR rights within a year, and two thirds plan to retract or review data in Half of UK consumers to exercise GDPR rights within a year

Rhys Dipshan of LegalTech News shares how a survey determined only 32% of marketers were GDPR complaint, and 20% were unaware of any regulation in Marketers are struggling with GDPR Compliance. Is Legal at Risk?

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Don't have time to read the full GDPR? We've got you covered with our GDPR Cheat Sheet.

We also host a fully searchable copy of the GDPR.