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The Weekly Grail

Sunday August 26 2018

By air mail

Lindsay Rowntree of Exchange Wire reports on Brazil's new data protection regulation and how GDPR is inspiring a global advancement in privacy in The New Brazilian Data Protection Regulation; Brazil Allows Political Parties to Advertise Online for the First Time

RTE Ireland shares how the myPersonality app was banned from the social network of Facebook because it was clear they shared information with researchers as well as third parties in Facebook bans personality app in data privacy probe

Jenni Bergal of PewTrusts reports on the growth in hiring of Chief Privacy Officers at the state level in More States Appoint ‘Chief Privacy Officers’ to Protect People’s Data

Forbes Technology Council dives into how the GDPR and CCPA have paved the way for a worldwide privacy movement in How Will California's Consumer Privacy Law Impact The Data Privacy Landscape?

Kate Holton of Reuters breaks down how large tech companies are dominating the ad market as smaller firms are unable to gain user consent in GDPR advertising fallout: Tech giants tighten their grip in the EU as some smaller players flee

From our Blog

Sue Poremba, data privacy expert, shares how three months after the GDPR and a swift passing of the CCPA, Americans still don't have the same privacy rights as Europeans in Is it Time for an American GDPR?