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The Weekly Grail

Sunday September 23 2018

By air mail

Savannah Dowling of Crunchbase reports on DataGrail’s Series A capital fundraise led by Cloud Apps Capital Partners in DataGrail Raises $4 Million to Keep Enterprises GDPR Complaint

Foo Yun Chee of Reuters details the consequences Facebook and Twitter may face if they fail to comply with the GDPR by the end of the year in Facebook and Twitter must comply with EU consumer rules or face sanctions

John D. McKinnon and Douglas MacMillan of the Wall Street Journal report on Google’s controversial announcement to lawmakers that it will continue to allow other companies to share data from Gmail accounts in Google Says It Continues to Allow Apps to Scan Data From Gmail Accounts

Kate O’Flaherty of Forbes describes how British Airway’s recent breach is an example of what problems can occur with regard to personal data and how the GDPR can impact the future of privacy in How The British Airways Breach Will Reveal The True Cost Of GDPR

Michael Gentry of The Milwaukee Business Journal details upcoming US data privacy regulation in California and Colorado and why businesses must prepare for a US version of the GDPR in Employers caught off-guard by the GDPR should prepare for a new wave of similar U.S. state laws

From our Blog

Sue Poremba shares insight on India’s proposed Person Data Privacy Bill and how it will impact US business in the Need to Know Series: The Indian Personal Data Protection Bill