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The Weekly Grail

Sunday September 30 2018

By air mail

Daniel Barber of DataGrail spoke on CNBC regarding the future of data transparency in an interview with Oriel Morrison and Martin Soong in This Startup Gives Users Control Over Their Personal Data

Dan Tynan of The Guardian reports on how Amazon, Apple, and Google endorsed federal data privacy laws in a hearing with the Senate in Silicon Valley finally pushes for data privacy laws at Senate hearing

Kyle Schryver of DataGrail shares on Marketo strategies for marketers under data privacy regulation and why transparency translates into successful marketing in Why Top Brands Win with Transparency

Natasha Lomas of Techcrunch details how Facebook confirmed that it is using phone numbers users provide for security to improve ad targeting in Yes Facebook is using your 2FA phone number to target you with ads

Annie Gaus of The Street reports on the Senate hearing focused on data privacy with executives from major tech firms in Google, Amazon, Apple, and other Execs Grilled on Privacy at Senate Hearings

From our Blog

Liz Nguyen , our operations manager, shares what she loves about working at a startup in the Bay Area and how she sees her role growing at DataGrail in our latest Employee Spotlight: Liz Nguyen