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The Weekly Grail

Sunday October 14 2018

By air mail

Alfred Ng of CNET shares how advocates are fighting for consumer rights and accountability for businesses when it comes to data privacy in Privacy advocates tell senators what they want in a data protection law

The Information Commissioner's Office reports on the large fine issued to Heathrow Airport after it failed to securely store user’s personal data in Heathrow Airport Limited fined €120,000 for serious failings in its data protection practices

Joshua Lawton-Belous of Forbes brings you insights and questions to consider with regard to how third parties handle personal data in Do The Companies You Work Closely With Take Data Privacy Seriously?

Dina Temple-Raston of NPR reports on the growing urge from large technology firms to create federal data privacy law that could nullify the CCPA in Why The Tech Industry Wants Federal Control Over Data Privacy Laws

Kim Keenan of Bloomberg shares how Senator Thune and Congress are working toward federal data privacy law and why consumers deserve a unified privacy law in Insight: The Internet Is Waiting for Congress to Take Action on Privacy

Shira Ovide of Bloomberg reports on a privacy glitch found by Google that had been withheld from the public since March, and why users deserve accountability from the company in No Google, We Did Not Consent to This

Harper Neidig of The Hill details how fines for the GDPR will become more common and how the legislation will be enforced in a broader context towards the end of the year in EU data regulator says GDPR fines coming by the end of the year