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The Weekly Grail

Sunday October 28 2018

By air mail

Chris Baraniuk of BBC News reports on Tim Cook’s speech regarding data privacy and the need for US regulation in Tim Cook blasts “weaponization” of personal data and praises GDPR

Sam Pfeifle of the IAPP details the push from tech firms for a national privacy law, and how it would impact both businesses and consumers in US federal privacy law? Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft all hope so

Danica Kirka of the Associated Press reports on the fine issued to Facebook over their data privacy scandal and how the EU may look for more violations in an upcoming audit in UK fines Facebook over data privacy scandal, EU seeks audit

Lydia Dishman of FastCompany shares why being honest with users will be key in coming years and how businesses must adapt to changing expectations from consumers in Why the Difference Between Data Privacy and Protection Matters

Andrew J. Hawkins of The Verge reports on the impact data will have on targeted advertising over the radio in GM’s data mining is just the beginning of the in-car advertising blitz

From our Blog

Sue Poremba shares why there has been a surge in lobbying by the largest tech firms to push forward national data privacy laws in Why Tech Companies Want a National Privacy Law