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The Weekly Grail

Sunday November 11 2018

By air mail

Dalvin Brown of USA Today reports on studies that found data privacy is a top issue for American consumers as companies look to improve their privacy practices in Americans are more concerned with data privacy than job creation, study shows

Chris Ip of Engadget shares how many data brokers have been scrutinized for violating privacy laws and what the next steps are after formal complaints have been filed in An early test of the GDPR: taking on data brokers

Erika Fy of Fortune details the discussion of effects of the GDPR including the evolution of privacy practices led by the Chief Privacy Officer at Mastercard in Here’s what Mastercard’s Chief Privacy Officer Thinks About GDPR

Roland Moore-Colyer of The Inquirer reports on the complaints filed against seven major tech firms by Privacy International for what it alleges as mass exploitation of personal data in Privacy International lodges complaints against seven firms for breaching data protection

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Scott Cunningham , DataGrail’s Head of Business Development & Partnerships, shares what led him to join DataGrail, and why he’s passionate about solving problems in his Employee Spotlight

Valerie Sui , App Academy graduate and experienced data analyst, joins DataGrail’s Engineering team and shares insight into her past and why she’s excited to develop products at DataGrail in her Employee Spotlight