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The Weekly Grail

Sunday November 18 2018

By air mail

Steve Kroft of CBS News reports on the reign tech companies have over consumers’ personal data and how new legislation could put an end to it in The law that lets Europeans take back their data from big tech companies

Mike Schmidt of Forbes gives a quick summary of the rising issues around data privacy and how the future of privacy is being shaped by advocates, consumers, and corporations in What Does The Future Of Data Privacy Look Like?

Dan Swinhoe of CSO Online shares how Pokémon Go forced the Pokémon company to rethink how they handle their user’s personal data and how the GDPR has enabled companies to provide users with the privacy they want in GDPR, I choose you! How the Pokémon Company embraces security and privacy by design

Amnon Drori of Inside Big Data discusses one of the toughest challenges brought by the GDPR, finding the correct data to be deleted for Subject Access Requests in GDPR Challenge: Finding the Data That Needs to be Forgotten

James Castro-Edwards of Information Age shares insight on the possible outcomes of Brexit and how privacy laws and data protection would be changed and applied in each case in The GDPR and Brexit

The Economic Times details the potential for international privacy laws and why India should be implementing a strategy to protect its residents data privacy from companies worldwide in India data privacy laws should consider cross border privacy rules: USIBC panel