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The Weekly Grail

Sunday December 23 2018

By air mail

Jessica Davies of Digiday shares how the Age of Privacy has transpired in the wake of privacy regulation, and what this means for businesses in the coming year in 5 things we learned about GDPR in 2018

Andrea O’Sullivan of Reason reports on Sundar Pichai, CEO at Google, supporting global regulatory harmonization, and a national U.S. data privacy law in Sundar Pichai: Google Supports an American Data Privacy Law

Alexandra Bruell of The Wall Street Journal shares how the Association of National Advertisers is pushing the FTC to pass laws around data privacy that could preempt coming state laws in Advertisers’ Top Trade Group Pushes for Federal Data Privacy Regulation

Daniel Abril of Fortune shares why privacy groups are upset and pushing for regulation to crack down on Facebook and other companies that could be misusing personal data Privacy Groups Pressure FTC After Latest Revelations About Facebook's Data Sharing

Foo Yun Chee of Reuters reports on the European Union pushing the U.S. to establish an official to watch over data privacy practices and breaches in EU urges U.S. to nominate permanent data privacy ombudsman

From our Blog

Carol Tang shares why she is excited to shape the future of data privacy as Head of Marketing at DataGrail in her Employee Spotlight