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The Weekly Grail

Sunday January 13 2019

By air mail

David Pegg of The Guardian reports on the fine against SLC Elections for £15,000 after failing to respond to an American citizen’s request for access to their personal data in Cambridge Analytica owner fined £15,000 for ignoring data request

Hamza Shaban and Brian Fung of The Wall Street Journal share how with demands from federal lawmakers for an investigation, AT&T announces it will stop selling user data in AT&T says it’ll stop selling your location data, amid calls for a federal investigation

Cameron F. Kerry of Brookings details the progression of a data privacy bill in Congress, with bipartisan support in 2019 in Will this new Congress be the one to pass data privacy legislation?

Michelle Davidson of ComputerWorld reports on a recent poll of top tech issues and trends of 2019, with privacy leading at 45% in Top 4 enterprise tech trends to watch in 2019

Robert Hackett of Fortune warns of tech companies claiming top notch privacy and security lacking in certain areas and potentially compromising user data in Beware Big Tech's Data Privacy Doublespeak

Adam Schwartz of the Electronic Frontier Foundation discusses private right of action and the potential for consumers to hold companies accountable for their personal data in You Should Have the Right to Sue Companies That Violate Your Privacy

Mitchell Noordyke of the IAPP details the recent complaint against The Weather Channel in regards to tracking user location, and what this means for upcoming privacy enforcement in Lawsuit against weather app sign of things to come?