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The Weekly Grail

Sunday January 20 2019

By air mail

James Vincent of The Verge reports on Tim Cook advising the public not to tolerate indiscriminate data collection in Tim Cook calls on FTC to let consumers track and delete their personal data

Mitchell Noordyke of the IAPP reports on the history of court rulings on data privacy and how this could extend in the future in US Supreme Court case may have far-reaching privacy implications

Anjali Robins of CNBC shares how one activist submitted complaints against numerous companies over consent issues in Austrian data privacy activist files complaint against Apple, Amazon, others

Fred Campbell of Forbes discusses past data scandals and why a national data privacy law is necessary going forward for consumer protection It's Past Time For A National Data Privacy Law

From our Blog

Mallory Surpless, Head of Customer Success at DataGrail, details The top 10 Topics from the 1st CCPA Listening Forum The top 10 Topics from the 1st CCPA Listening Forum

Sue Poremba discusses the push for regulation of personal data and how it impacts the modern business in Evolving Privacy Laws Empower Consumers Evolving Privacy Laws Empower Consumers