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The Weekly Grail

Sunday February 10 2019

By air mail

Dan Clark of Corporate Counsel details why companies compliant with the GDPR are experiencing shorter delays in their sales cycle in Report: GDPR-Compliant Companies Experience Shorter Sales Delays

Tal Kopan of the San Francisco Chronicle discusses opinions from activists, lawmakers, and members of both political parties that this session of Congress will be the one to pass a national privacy bill in California law could be Congress’ model for data privacy. Or it could be erased

John Eggerton of Broadcasting Cable reports on an upcoming Senate hearing set to cover principles for federal privacy regulation in Senate Peers Into Online Data Privacy

Jillian D'Onfro of Forbes shares disclosures from Alphabet’s recent filing including potential issues related to privacy-related bugs, privacy policies, and ad requirements in Google Parent Alphabet Adds New Warnings About Data Privacy, Bugs And Brexit In Annual Filing

Bruce Schneier of Wired discusses how blockchain has changed transaction processes, emphasizing the importance of trust, and lack thereof in blockchain in There’s No Good Reason To Trust Blockchain Technology