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The Weekly Grail

Sunday March 03 2019

By air mail

On March 6th, Nextiva is hosting DataGrail Co-founder & CEO Daniel Barber to show you how to manage your internal customer database. Some of the topics Daniel will be covering:

  1. How to use consumer data to increase revenue.
  2. How to stay compliant with consumer privacy regulations.
  3. How to acquire and organize consumer data across IT systems.

Join us on Wednesday, March 6th at 11am PST for this expert webinar.

News in Data Privacy and Business

Adam Lashinsky of Fortune reports on growing support for data privacy regulation, including a recently assigned task force from the FTC to study the tech industry in Data Privacy Legislation Is Coming for Big Tech

Danielle Abril of Fortune details the CCPA and why it will have a large impact on future federal and state privacy regulation in California Was on Everyone's Mind at Congressional Data Privacy Hearings. Here's Why

Dimitrios Stergiou of Trustly highlights trends in consumer privacy awareness and the importance of personal data protection in Data Privacy is having its day

Jeewon Kim Serrato and Daniel Rosenzweig of Norton Rose Fulbright outline upcoming changes to privacy regulation and what risks are most important for businesses to monitor in 2019 in GDPR, CCPA and beyond: Changes in data privacy laws and enforcement risks to monitor in 2019

Katherine Bindley of The Wall Street Journal shares how Facebook tracks its users, what Facebook has told Congress in past hearings, and what you can do to protect personal information in Why Facebook Still Seems to Spy on You

Antonio Garcia Martinez of Wired details why data is not a commodity, specifying how large tech firms utilize and protect their users data in No, Data Is Not The New Oil

From our Blog

Kyle Schryver recaps Data and Donuts, an event where panelists shared ideas and industry trends for driving the future of data protection, utilization, and security in Prioritizing Data, Security, & Privacy