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The Weekly Grail

Sunday March 24 2019

By air mail

Cyrille Chausson of LeMagIT shares a new perspective on DataGrail, writing that their solution is “A GDPR guarantee in short” in Personal data and GDPR: Datagrail wants to industrialize the compliance

Danielle Abril of Fortune reports on a new survey revealing 86% of respondents are not prepared for CCPA compliance in Most Companies Aren't Ready for California's Tough New Privacy Law

Adam Satariano of The New York Times details how European regulators said Google had violated antitrust rules by imposing unfair terms on companies that used their search bar in Google Fined $1.7 Billion by E.U. for Unfair Advertising Rules

Christian Hetrick of The Philly Inquirer reports on one of the first data brokers to violate New Jersey’s new data privacy law, and how 1.2 million records were hidden from government officials in N.J. data broker tried to sell personal info on a million kids but didn’t tell state officials

David Ingram of NBC shares how the Ireland Data Protection Commission has ten active investigations into Facebook over how they handle sensitive personal data in A European data privacy office has 15 open investigations. Ten are about Facebook.

From our Blog

Kyle Schryver details Washington state’s new privacy bill, backed by Microsoft and a 46-1 Senate vote, and what it means for the future of businesses with data in Need to Know Series: Washington Next in Line for Privacy Regulation