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The Weekly Grail

Sunday May 12 2019

By air mail

Cecilia Kang of The New York Times reports on The FTC renewing their calls for Congress to create a national privacy law that would regulate how big tech companies like Facebook and Google collect and handle user data in F.T.C. Commissioners Back Privacy Law to Regulate Tech Companies

Gennie Gebhart and India McKinney of The EFF share what consumers had to say about data privacy and protection at a recent hearing in Consumer Data Privacy Advocates to Senate Committee: Here's How to Protect Consumers

Ryan Chiavetta of The IAPP details how focusing on privacy early on with the GDPR can benefit compliance in the future in Global Privacy Summit dispatch: How to leverage GDPR work for CCPA compliance

Jennifer Huddleston of Mercatus recaps the impact that the GDPR has had on many industries across the globe in What GDPR's first year says about data privacy regulation