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The Weekly Grail

Sunday June 02 2019

By air mail

The Associated Press reports on a lawsuit following reports that the data of more than 50 million Facebook users had been misappropriated without their knowledge in Judge orders Facebook to turn over records on data privacy

Ron De Jesus of De Jesus Consulting shares via the IAPP how some industries, companies, and countries have been impacted by the GDPR in GDPR year one: Three CPOs report back

Matthew Wall of BCC News details how Ireland's Data Protection Commission says it has launched 19 statutory investigations, 11 of which focus on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram in How Ireland became Europe's data watchdog

Samantha Ann Schwartz shares on CIO Dive the status of all privacy bills in the U.S. including states with laws, laws pending, and rejected regulation in Where data privacy is law

George Gooch of Texas Health Services Authority shares with the IAPP an update on Texas privacy regulation being opened in Texas updates breach notification law, creates new privacy council

From our Blog

Sue Poremba dives into what data mapping is and why it matters in Data Mapping: The Starting Point for Data Privacy Compliance