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The Weekly Grail

Sunday August 04 2019

By air mail

Kyle Schryver shares with CPO Magazine an analysis of the state of privacy regulation, including the CCPA, Nevada’s privacy law, and bills introduced in New York and Washington State in The Future of Data Privacy in the United States

Andrew Burt of Immuta details the discrepancy between consumer demands for privacy and security and what businesses are currently capable of in New Laws on Data Privacy and Security Are Coming. Is Your Company Ready?

Christopher Miglino of SRAX details on Forbes the importance of privacy in 2019 and how businesses can work with new data privacy laws in How To Navigate The New Data Privacy Laws’

Eric Goldman discusses the problem with online contracts and their readability in Consumers Can’t Understand the Online Contracts They ‘Agree’ To. Now What?

From our Blog

Kyle Schryver recapped 3 essential insights on consumer privacy from the expert panel featuring: Charlie Warzel, Sarah Jeong, and Farhad Manjoo in The NYT Privacy Forum: Experts Outline 3 Essential Insights on Your Privacy

DataGrail Releases

Natasha Mascarenhas of Crunchbase News detailed DataGrail’s recent fundraise in DataGrail Raises $5.2M As Data Regulation Goes Local