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The Weekly Grail

Sunday August 18 2019

By air mail

Katharine Kemp of UNSW Sydney details how companies that trade our personal data have incentives to conceal their true practices in Here's how tech giants profit from invading our privacy, and how we can start taking it back

Mary Stone Ross, Former President of Californians for Consumer Privacy shares what she will be watching for as the California Legislature reviews CCPA amendments in What one CCPA co-architect will watch closely with Sacramento back in session

Leo Kelion shares via BBC how companies provided sensitive data without verification due to privacy requirements in Black Hat: GDPR privacy law exploited to reveal personal data

Gladys Kong of UberMedia voices how more stringent privacy laws could help rather than harm the data industry and its stakeholders in Why Stricter Data Privacy Laws Would Benefit The Data Industry

Emily Bruemmer of Davis Wright Tremaine LLP details business requirements for responding to consumer privacy requests under the CCPA and the reason to start preparation now in Consumer Rights Under the CCPA, Part 2: Responding to Consumer Rights Requests

Marty Swant of Forbes shares how consumers are willing to share less personal data and why businesses must change privacy strategies to accomodate in People Are Becoming More Reluctant To Share Personal Data, Survey Reveals

Charles Goldberg shares via Security Boulevard a detailed guide for the CCPA including requirements, a definition of personal information, and scope of the law in How to prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act

From our Blog

Charlie Thomas introduces a new blog series where he will look at design and feature choices that can make or break an application programming interface in API Design Series - Part 1