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The Weekly Grail

Sunday September 15 2019

By air mail

Lauren Feiner of CNBC details how members of the Business Roundtable signed a letter to congressional leaders urging the creation of a consumer data privacy law in CEOs from Amazon, IBM, Salesforce and more ask Congress to pass a consumer data privacy law

Laura Mahoney of Bloomberg reports that although small changes were made, the CCPA remains strong after lobbying from big tech in Google, Big Tech Fail to Weaken California Data-Privacy Law

Stephan Zoder of Reltio shares via Forbes how the recent regulatory push for privacy, focused in Nevada and California, will impact businesses with consumer data in Nevada Takes A Different Approach To Data Privacy

Jeff John Roberts of Fortune provides a full update on the CCPA and its impact in Here Comes America’s First Privacy Law: What the CCPA Means for Business and Consumers

Gopal Ratnam of Roll Call details how the CCPA impacts loyalty programs and why the law is stricter than the GDPR in California sees push on data privacy

From our Blog

Kyle Schryver provides a guide for when and how to use Amazon QuickSight, a speed-driven visualization tool on the engineering blog in Query to Dashboard: How to use Amazon Quicksight