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The Weekly Grail

Sunday September 29 2019

By air mail

Daniel Barber provides via CPO Magazine actionable steps for how to work toward a sustainable compliance program in Ready, Set, Sustain: Six Steps Toward CCPA Compliance

Ryan Chiavetta of The IAPP recaps an event from PSR covering options for managing DSAR’s and why they can be so challenging in No one's having an easy time with DSARs, don't worry

Natasha Singer of The NYT details the latest developments in privacy activism and regulation, led by Alastair Mactaggart, co-architect of the CCPA in Why Californians Have Better Privacy Protections

Stuart Lauchlan of Diginomica details new research that found GDPR compliance was more challenging for organizations than expected, and what learnings there are for forthcoming legislation around the globe in Turns out GDPR compliance wasn't as easy as it was supposed to be - and California's version will be no different

Nicole Lindsey of CPO Magazine covers how most privacy statements are still not going far enough when it comes to keeping up with new privacy regulations in Most Companies Worldwide Are Not Prepared for New Privacy Regulations

Tehilla Shwartz Altshuler shares via TechCrunch an opinion of the two sides of privacy in a world where data drives the digital economy in Privacy in a Digital World