DataGrail® is built on three decades of experience with data and applications.

The Age of Privacy requires a new standard of transparency.

Due to stringent and changing privacy regulations, organizations that operate in the EU and California are met with uncertainty and regulatory challenges.

Companies’ third-party systems, particularly in the sales, marketing, and adjacent spaces, were not built to be compliant. We solve this problem.

Daniel Barber

CEO & Co-founder

Daniel has built and led go-to-market teams at Responsys, ToutApp,, Datanyze, and DocuSign. Australian-born US citizen with academic and professional experience in the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Germany & Japan. He enjoys music, traveling, and tennis!

Earl Hathaway

Co-founder & CPO

Earl has been a data scientist and data engineer building machine learning and ad tech at Quantcast, AdMobius, Technorati,, and 0xData for over a decade. He studied Econ, Math, CS at UW Madison. People like his dog more than him.

Ignacio Zendejas

Co-founder & CTO

Ignacio has extensive experience building data products at Styleseat,, Facebook and Jetlore. He received a B.S. and M.S. in Computer Science from UCLA, with a specialization in AI. He loves traveling and is visiting a new country every year.

Kyle Schryver

Growth & Content Marketing Intern

Kyle is an aspiring professional in the field of technology, with experience in marketing, business analytics, and content management. He is an avid musician, and enjoys spending time playing volleyball and baking.

Charlie Thomas

Software Engineer

Charlie is a skilled software engineer and graduate of App Academy in San Francisco. He has led global project teams when he ran Sarbanes-Oxley compliance for Citigroup Inc. He holds an MBA from Syracuse University. He enjoys hiking with his dog and playing any board game and most action RPGs.

Liz Nguyen

Operations Manager

Liz has worked with some of the most future-forward companies in Silicon Valley. Her adept and personal touch harkens back to her 10 years as a Varsity Gymnastics Coach. She enjoys travel, reality cooking shows, and believes phở is the ultimate of ultimates in comfort food.

Mallory Surpless

Director of Customer Success

Mallory, daughter of a librarian and tool master, lives by the motto: “Walk fast and smile often." She’s held positions in options trading and relationship management at Smith Barney, Morgan Stanley, Menlo School, and Managed by Q. She never turns down an outdoor adventure, and is working up to a 30-sec handstand.

Josh Kuiros

Senior Software Engineer

Josh has been a software engineer and team lead building B2B products at Marketo, ToutApp, and Cisco. He holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Penn State. He enjoys cycling, traveling, and exploring the Bay Area food scene.

TingTing Jiang

Software Engineer

TingTing is an accounting analyst turned software engineer with a goal of creating interactive, easy to use, and meaningful apps. She enjoys training in megaformer, listening to jazz music, or admiring her two beautiful cats.

Valerie Sui

Software Engineer

Valerie is a recent graduate of App Academy. She holds degrees in Applied Mathematics which have influenced her path towards a career in development. She has been an avid rock climber for nearly six years. You can count on her to have a greeting card for any occasion.

Scott Cunningham

Head of Business Development & Partnerships

Scott is a technology entrepreneur, investor, and Children's Rights Activist who, with his wife and 3 children, resides in Salt Lake City, Utah. Scott enjoys traveling, experiencing new people/cultures, and food! He is a big fan of bacon.

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