Prioritizing Data, Security, & Privacy

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Data Privacy Engineering Event

“Marie Kondo your services and data... they don’t spark joy” - Leigh Honeywell

MC: Michael Schell of EdgeScan

John Heasman | Deputy CISO, VP Security Engineering | DocuSign

Justin Calmus | CSO | OneLogin

Leigh Honeywell | CEO | Tall Poppy

Maximilian Burkhardt | Security Engineer | Airbnb

Joshua Kuiros | Sr. Software Engineer | DataGrail


Enterprise Ireland hosts this edition of: Data + Donuts

While Marie Kondo has amassed an entourage of those set out to declutter their wardrobes and that sadly neglected junk drawer, the idea of decluttering has also made waves within businesses with the rise of new privacy regulations. Laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and more soon to go into effect, continue to encourage companies to re-examine their security operations, data collection practices, developer infrastructure, and how to collectively triage the most critical threats to the overall enterprise.

Security executives and developers from DocuSign, OneLogin, Tall Poppy, Airbnb, and DataGrail sat down with Enterprise Ireland to share the challenges their teams face and how the tactical solutions they’ve instituted have helped in shaping a cohesive culture based on the importance of feedback, setting clear guidelines, and leading with humility. Below we recap the ways in which their teams together drive business continuity and lay the foundations for a secure and privacy focused operation:  


1. Developing your Prioritization Stack


2. A New Era of Data Collection


3. Data Privacy vs Data Security

4. See your Security and Developers as Consultants

5. Is Cyber Security Failing as an Industry?


Curious about what it’s like to work with Josh Kuiros? Learn more about DataGrail’s career opportunities and how our engineering team is helping solve data privacy challenges for businesses globally here!

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