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The Weekly Grail

Sunday October 13 2019

By air mail

Lauren Feiner of CNBC reports that Attorney General Xavier Becerra has outlined how businesses will need to comply with the CCPA in California AG tells businesses like Facebook and Google how they must comply with the state’s new landmark privacy law

Todd Ehret of Reuters shares an interview with a leading lawyer covering the major compliance points required by the CCPA in Data-privacy compliance timeline is 'yesterday,' leading tech lawyer says

Robert Hackett of Fortune reports on the breach of trust by Twitter with their users in a recent controversy over advertising in The Adverse Effects of Twitter’s ‘Inadvertent’ Advertising—Cyber Saturday

Marguerite Reardon of CNET quotes Xavier Becerra, California Attorney General, “Americans should not have to give up their privacy to live and thrive in this digital age”, reporting on the consequences of non-compliance with the CCPA in California's new privacy law gets teeth with proposed regulations

Fahmida Y. Rashid of Duo details the five most important elements in the draft rules for the CCPA in California Releases Draft Rules for CCPA

Brian Fung of CNN details Alastair Mactaggart's renewed push for privacy in The unlikely activist behind the nation's toughest privacy law isn't done yet